• Qualifies for Candidates Tournament
  • Winner of the 2014/2015 FIDE Grand Prix Series.


  • Wins Rapid Group at Zurich Chess Challenge with 4/5 and shares second in total.
  • 2nd in World Rapid Championships but rises to 1st place in World Rapid Rankings with an ELO of 2858.
  • Scores one of the greatest tournament victories of all time at the 2014 Sinquefield Cup, performing at 3080, arguably the greatest performance of all time.
  • Ties for first with Boris Gelfand at FIDE Grand Prix in Baku.
  • Reaches World Number 2 position in Classical Rankings.
  • Achieves the 3rd Highest Live ELO in history with 2851.3 (October 8th 2014).


  • Wins Zurich Chess Challenge with 4/6.
  • Wins 7th edition of King’s Tournament in Romania.
  • Wins Paris Leg of FIDE Grand Prix.


  • Finished 2nd at the 74th Tata Steel Chess Tournament, one of the Grand Slam
    Tournaments in the chess calendar.
  • Wins Reykjavik Open.
  • Wins the Dortmund Super Tournament after beating Sergey Karjakin on Tiebreak.
  • Comes equal First at the Grand Slam final Bilbao/Sao Paolo.


  • Winner of the AAI Grandmasters Tournament in New Delhi India.


  • Winner of the Corus B Group, with a performance of 2751. The first player ever to win Corus C and Corus B back to back.
  • Wins Gold Medal at Mitropa Cup scoring 6/8 points.
  • Plays his first ever World Cup, reaching round 4 and boosting his ELO to 2675.


  • Winner of Corus C Group with 10/13 and a performance of 2696.
  • Winner of the first board prize at Mitropa Cup with a score of 7.5/9.
  • Played 1st Board at the 38th Olympiad performing at 2696.


  • Grandmaster title – Caruana obtained his final GM norm earning the grandmaster title in July at the age of 14 years, 11 months and 20 days, the youngest at the time in US Chess History.

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